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Basic Requirements

All students are expected to complete the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) by following the Ontario curriculum courses with a chosen language option of a language program of the student's choice. City High School's unique extra-curricular activity programs further provide the necessary components to challenge and maximize our students' potential.

Contact Us

General Inquiries: learn@cityhs.ca

Admission Inquiries: admissions@cityhs.ca

Admission Requirements

1. Academic background:

  • Be a high school student in good

       academic standing

2. Basic knowledge of English.

  • IELTS: 5.0 or above is recommended


3. Sufficient financial support.

4. Valid passport

  • Passport is valid for a minimum of 2+

       years of start date.

Admission Process

Step 1:

  • Interview with a City High School Admissions Officer


Step 2:

  • Supply supporting documentation

    • Most recent report card(s)​

    • Past transcripts (all high school)

    • Other academic achievements

    • Extra-curricular achievements

Step 3:

  • Placement test


Step 4:

  • Admissions Decision