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Tuition Fee:




















Please contact learn@cityhs.ca if you are not taking full program but independent credits (part time student)

Refund Policy:

City High School reserves the right to provide refunds on Tuition Fees only in cases where Study Permit is denied by the Canadian Immigration Authorities. A refund will be issued after the school receives the following documents:

  • A letter from the student, requesting the refund

  • Original Letter of Acceptance from City High School

  • Original Official Receipt of the Tuition Fees issued by the City High School

  • Original Rejected Letter from Canadian embassy.

Please note that the student or his/her guardian must apply for Tuition Fee or Advance Payment refund up-to three month from the date the Rejected Letter has been issued or up-to six months from the date the Letter of Acceptance has been issued.

The Application Fee is non-refundable. For other situations, the Principal of the school will make the appropriate decision.