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Application Process


How to Apply

For International Students applying for: Language Proficiency Program (LPP) & English Preparatory Program (EPP) Complete the attached Application form and mail or e-mail it to the City High School


Step 1

Interview with Admissions Officer: getting to know the applicant and possibly his/her parents to determine if he/she is suitable of the school (after application fee and application form)


Step 2

Supporting documentation:

-       Most recent report card

-       Past transcripts (all high school years) (also to determine transfer credits)

-       Other academic achievements

-       Extra-curricular achievements


Step 3

Placement/Diagnostic test:

After prospective student passes interview, the admissions process moves forwards:

Testing to determine class placement etc.

Step 4

Admissions decision:

With all supporting documentation received and reviewed, admission results will be released-> to accept offer and secure student’s placement, students must complete registration forms and pay the deposit