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All students are expected to complete the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) by following the Ontario curriculum courses with a chosen language option of a language program of the student's choice. City High School's unique extra-curricular activity programs further provide the necessary components to challenge and maximize our students' potential.

Contact Us

General Inquiries: learn@cityhs.ca

Admission Inquiries: admissions@cityhs.ca

Admission Requirements

1. Academic background

  • Be a high school student in good

       academic standing

2. Basic knowledge of English.

  • IELTS: 5.0 or above is recommended


3. Sufficient financial support.

4. Valid passport

  • Passport is valid for a minimum of 2+

       years of start date.



Tuition Fee:








Please contact learn@cityhs.ca if you are not taking full program but independent credits (part time student)

Refund Policy:

City High School reserves the right to provide refunds on Tuition Fees only in cases where Study Permit is denied by the Canadian Immigration Authorities. A refund will be issued after the school receives the following documents:

  • A letter from the student, requesting the refund

  • Original Letter of Acceptance from City High School

  • Original Official Receipt of the Tuition Fees issued by the City High School

  • Original Rejected Letter from Canadian embassy.

Please note that the student or his/her guardian must apply for Tuition Fee or Advance Payment refund up-to three month from the date the Rejected Letter has been issued or up-to six months from the date the Letter of Acceptance has been issued.

The Application Fee is non-refundable. For other situations, the Principal of the school will make the appropriate decision.

Application Process


How to Apply

For International Students applying for: Language Proficiency Program (LPP) & English Preparatory Program (EPP) Complete the attached Application form and mail or e-mail it to the City High School


Step 1: Interview with Admissions Officer

After submitting the Application Fee & Form, , this is an opportunity to get to know the applicant and possibly his/her parents to determine if he/she is suitable of the school.


Step 2: Sending Supporting Documentation

  •  Most recent report card

  • Past transcripts (all high school years) (also to determine transfer credits)

  •  Other academic achievements

  •  Extra-curricular achievements

Step 3: Placement & Diagnostic Test

After prospective student passes interview, the admissions process moves forwards in 

Testing to determine class placement etc.

Step 4: Admissions Decision

With all supporting documentation received and reviewed, admission results will be released to accept offer and secure student’s placement, students must complete registration forms and pay the deposit

Application Form

After completing the application form, please send your form to learn@cityhs.ca