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Health Insurance

Health Insurance Provider

  • JF Insurance

Why do you need health insurance?

Unfortunately, accidents can happen at any time, and trying to figure out how to pay for them can be stressful and costly. With health insurance, students will not have to worry about the heavy burden that can be medical expenses. Students are required to obtain health insurance in case of accidents or medical emergencies. If students do not have health insurance then they will be personally responsible for paying medical bills, which could have a costly impact on their personal finances.

Who can apply?

To be eligible for this insurance a person must :

  1. Inbound (Foreign) Student

  2. Under the age of 69


  • Pre-existing condition coverage

  • Travel worldwide

  • Eligible medical expenses

  • Hospital accommodation

  • Ambulance services

  • Medicine and/or drugs

  • Private duty nursing (R.N.)

  • Professional medical services

  • Vaccination and TB testing

  • Emergency Air transportation (must be pre-approved and arranged by WTP)

  • Annual physician visit

  • Maternity benefits

  • Impacted wisdom teeth

  • Dental (services of a licensed dentist or dental-surgeon for emergency dental treatment)

  • Repatriation

  • Psychiatric/ Psychological (emergency only)

  • Family transportation

  • Eye examination

  • Prescription glasses, contact lenses and hearing aids

  • Tutorial expenses

  • Automobile return

  • Identification benefit

  • Accidental death and dismemberment

Cost and Payment

The cost of the medical insurance is covered in the City High School tuition fees. It will be paid at the same time as the tuition fees are paid. The cost is $700.00 for the entire school year.