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City High School is proud to be able to offer our tops students an entrance and graduation scholarships. We understand how hard our students work and they deserve to be rewarded for their dedication and drive.

The two scholarships we offer are the City High School Entrance Scholarship and the U of T Alumni Student Scholarship.

To be eligible for the scholarships, students must:

  • Currently Enrolled at City High School

  • Currently be in high academic standing (to be determined by the scholarship board)

  • Have submitted and completed the appropriate paperwork before the specified dates.

City High School Entrance Scholarship:

Assesses past academic achievements and extra-curricular involvement and achievements.


Amount: $1000- $3000


U of T Alumni Student Scholarship:

Is an academic based scholarship dependent two criteria: that the student is attending the University of Toronto, and that the student graduates with a Grade 12 GPA of 85% or higher.


Amount: $1000-$2000