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City High School Orientation

Orientation is a way for students to familiarize with their new environment, get to know their peers and instructors as well as learn about all the resources available and their own rights and responsibilities. At City High School New Student Orientation is filled with exciting activities, workshops and presentations to help students smoothly transition into their new High School.

This year orientation was held before the beginning of the summer term, when four new students joined our small family and engaged in fun, informative and exciting activities that helped them get to know our staff and their peers as well as educated them on everything City High School has to offer.

The day started off with introductory and group bonding activities where students introduced themselves and talked a little about their background and hobbies. These games and activities engaged both students and staff after which we proceeded to a presentation prepared by our existing students to introduce the new group to their life in Toronto and generally at City High School. They presented about things to look forward to and keep in mind as the new group embarks on their new journey at a Canadian High School.

In the afternoon, as part of familiarizing students with the neighbourhood of their high school, there was a treasure hunt around the perimeter where students competed in two groups to find the treasure. The process involved getting to know different locations that students would need such as the subway stations, coffee shops, banks, shopping centres, bus station, restaurants and lots more.

Our winner for this activity was Team 1 made up of Lou, Jake and Don, who successfully completed the hunt and found their “Treasure.” This activity allowed students to not only have fun but put in practice their communication and leadership skills. It also allowed for cooperation and fostered the ability to make group decisions. 

A day filled with lots of fun, excitement and making new friends, ended with refreshments and a Q&A, where students were given the opportunity to ask questions, and clarify whatever they were unclear about and needed more information.

Our team is very excited to work with the new group and aid them in achieving all their educational and career goals as well as help them to settle in a new country and high-school at large.