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City High School, located in Toronto, Ontario, is Toronto's premier independent private school. Founded on the driving principle to deliver a competitive and culturally diverse experience for students, our school focuses on providing a competitive and quality education while being dedicated to the values of diversity, innovation, responsibility, and integrity.

At City High School, we pride ourselves on the quality and passion of our teachers and staff. Dedicated, professional, and enthusiastic, our teachers come from successful and diverse backgrounds and a re committed to providing a comprehensive, competitive, and quality education that goes beyond the classroom. Through individualized support and curriculum, our teachers instill in our students a confidence, resilience, dedication, and a passion for learning.

From Grade 9 to Grade 12, and beyond, our goal at City High School is two-fold. First, for our students to achieve academic excellence, awareness, and respect; and second, for our students to be qualified and prepared for university and their future careers. Preparation is of the utmost priority at City High School and it is our goal to ensure that every student is prepared for a future university career.

City High School is proud to offer an extensive mixture of in-class and online academic courses; with an emphasis on mathematics, science, computer science, and English, extra-curricular activities, specialized seminars, and a first-rate English Language Program partnered with the University of Toronto. By providing such extensive programs, we at City High School are able to maximize our students' academic and social experience in order for them to reach their highest potential.

Our tight-knit community at City High School aims to unlock each student's potential, both in the classroom and beyond. We believe it is our responsibility to ensure that all students develop a global awareness, a passion for academics, and a drive that will prepare them for all future successes and therefore strive to develop:

• Academic excellence

• A friendly atmosphere

• Critical thinking

• A passion for life-long learning

• Responsible and productive individuals with high moral values

• Self-discipline, responsibility, independence, and leadership

• Respect for others and the environment

• Community-mindedness and appreciation of cultural diversity

• Self-confidence and a readiness to face the challenges of life


Principal’s Message

Welcome to City High School where the standard of excellence provides a successful foundation for entrance into top ranked North American Universities. City High School is the best choice for students who want to earn a Canadian High School Graduation Diploma in an accelerated time frame.


The City High School has an exciting year planned. We encourage you to get involved and help us continue our connection with each other and with City High School. Whether you volunteer with board activities, networking, or fundraising or are an ambassador for City High School, we want to thank you. Your support is appreciated.


If you have suggestions for City High School activities or events in your area, please contact our staff, me or any of our Board members. We want to hear your thoughts and concerns. This is your School, and we want to you be a part of it.



Celia Burnham