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Student Life


Since the establishment, City High School has been dedicated to empowering individuals both academically and socially. We offer comprehensive curriculums and extracurricular programs that prepare our students for their academic pursuit at the college/ university level and the ever changing society.


Our rigorous curriculums provide step-by-step training that builds a solid foundation for students to thrive in their future academic pursuit. All our students will complete  courses under the Ontario curriculum, accompanied by a language program of their choice, guaranteeing the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Not only do we believe in delivering stellar grades and high admission rates, we emphasize work ethic and cultivate our students to be more self-disciplined.


 By delivering experiential opportunities for enrichment, City High School encompasses character building in active learning to promote student development. Our specialized extracurricular programs offer opportunities for our students to explore and define their areas of interest outside the classroom. By participating in our programs such as public speaking, students learn to articulate and develop their soft skills, requisite for surviving and thriving at university and workplace. In the process of progress and transformation, we are dedicated to pave the way for student success.


Participation through play.

At City High School, we aim for Athletics to be an integral part of the student experience. By instilling commitment, discipline, & teamwork, our athletic department prides itself in building character through play. As participation encourages the development of well-balanced individuals, our program promotes active living through achieving a healthy lifestyle. Students are offered opportunities to participate in several sports offered at an intramural or varsity level. In building community & school spirit through friendly competition, sporting events at City High School are scheduled tentatively on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis throughout the academic year.










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Community Service

As a part of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD),  students are required to complete 40 hours of community service before graduation. The purpose of community involvement encourages students to develop an awareness for civic duty in emphasizing personal responsibility and active participation, as global citizens.

It is noted that the 40 hours of community service requirement can be fulfilled by completing multiple community service activities.


Leading to serve.

Extracurricular Activities

Exploration & recreation.


At City High School, our extracurricular activities place emphasis on the development of the student success as well rounded individuals. Our program allows students to engage and have fun while being a part of the school community. By going beyond the classroom, students are encouraged to explore activities that pique their interests. In enriching the educational experience, learning opportunities are designed to align with the school’s mission and values. From academic to artistic interests, we offer a variety of  clubs & activities for students to get involved throughout the school year.



Community Service
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