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Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma, is a provincial diploma granted to high school students. In order to graduate, students must complete 30 credits to fulfill the Ontario curriculum:

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Offered Courses


Students in English will analyze literary texts from contemporary and historical periods. They will interpret and evaluate informational and graphic texts, and create oral, written, and media texts in a variety of forms. An important focus will be on the selective use of strategies that contribute to effective communication. 


Students in Science will develop the skills, strategies required for scientific literacy. They will understand the fundamental principles & concepts of the natural sciences. Emphasis will be placed on the application of scientific inquiry in relation to technology, society & the environment.


Students in Mathematics will develop an investigative approach in applying the foundational principles of mathematical concepts. They will reason mathematically and communicate their thinking as they learn to solve multi-step problems. Students will refine their use of the mathematical processes necessary for success in university- level courses.

Business Studies

Students studying Business will grasp a strong foundation of business phenomea on a local, national and global level. They will develop critical thinking skills to practice research and inquiry.  Students will learn to communicate findings accurately, ethically, and effectively in order to achieve business, economic, financial, and digital literacy.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Students studying ESL will build a strong foundation of reading, writing, and listening skills to become successful English language learners. They will develop skills in critical thinking in order to interpret the world around them. Students will learn to communicate and develop the skills for proficiency in everyday and academic English that will allow them to integrate successfully into the mainstream school program.

Computer Studies

Students studying Computer Science will gain a strong foundation of computer science and its practical applications through developing programming skills. They will develop the knowledge and skills, software development (project management & software engineering principles), algorithms and data structures, program correctness and efficiency, and professional and ethical responsibility. In developing critical skills and strategies, students will apply the knowledge to a variety of opportunities and relate them to computer phenomena.

The Arts

Students studying the Arts will learn about interconnections and commonalities within the arts disciplines ( dance, drama, media arts, music, and the visual arts). The curriculum is designed for students to gain an understanding and appreciation of the arts on the basis of these foundational pillars: developing creativity, communicating, understanding culture, and making connections. Through engaging in the arts, students can broaden skills such as self-awareness, and self-confidence to form a sense of well-being in today's society.

Canadian & World Studies

Students studying Canadian & World Studies will  gain a foundational learning through inquiry in the fields of social studies, history and geography. They will develop disciplinary thinking skills to engage in inquiry thinking & gaining spatial skills. In turn students will become critically thoughtful and well- informed in articulating significant developments, events, and issues as active global citizens. 

National eSchool

National eSchool


At City High School, we collaborate with National eSchool to offer students a platform for online learning.  National E-School is a brand new service to help deliver top-quality education to our online school. In working with City High School, National eSchool provides ways to help students focus on their interests in facilitating the learning experience. Designated as our partner in distance education, National eSchool courses adhere to Ontario Ministry of Education requirements and the current Ontario High School Curriculum. We offer a full range of online courses from grades 9-12 with Ontario Certified Teachers at City High School to support student success. 




The 112-hour IELTS preparation program is complementary to other curriculums for CHS students. It is designed to boost their comprehensive language skills and help them achieve the minimum of band 6.5. 


Program Description

Our program is run by bilingual teachers who are experienced with international students. We understand our students’ needs and shortcomings and address them in and after our classes. All members of our IELTS team are U of T students or alumni, who have 2+ years of teaching experience. Students can access materials, class summary, homework, and evaluation from designated Google Classrooms. Our teaching materials are up to date. We collaborate with IELTS Test Centres and invite on staff examiners to offer one-on-one instructions to our students and conduct mock tests on our campus. 


Private tutoring is available for booking for both CHS students and the public. 


Program Fees


The 112-hour program for non CHS students is CAD 2,200


One-on-one private tutoring: CAD 70/hour

One-on-two private tutoring: CAD 50/hour 

For more information on the IELTS Program:

Joint Curriculum
Experiential Learning

Co-curricular Program

Transition to transformation

Our extracurricular program provides students with a plethora of opportunities for learning and skill development. We tailor our workshops and activities to each student’s specific needs, empowering them in the aspects of academic, career, and social skills. 


Students need to choose one from each stream and complete the program in order to graduate.







Career Development



Our training provides students with a set of skills, necessary for outshining other candidates. Students learn how to market themselves and exude confidence in pressing moments. 

Job Search:


Students are introduced to a variety of search engines and websites that help them access different jobs. They will be equipped with the skills to sieve out information and make targets.  

Resume Development:


Students learn how to present themselves as a professional. They are exposed to different approaches to self-introduction that stand out to be outstanding. 



Students learn how to dress to impress. They learn how to make an indelible first impression and mix and mingle out of their comfort zones. 


In addition, current students are connected to CHS alumni by participating in networking events. On our networking nights, we hold panel events and invite successful alumni as our keynote speakers. Students build their social network and a sense of community at CHS. 

Language Development & Communication



Students learn to make strong arguments, essential for their future success, and develop critical thinking skills. Activities at the debate clubs also raise their awareness for social and global issues and expand their worldviews.

Public Speaking :


Students are exposed to different audiences and gain confidence in front of them. They learn to articulate and make strong arguments under pressure, building their characters and charisma. 




The program of Model United Nations exposes students to simulated global events and groom them for social and political involvement. By taking part in our MUN, students glean and deepen their understanding of diplomacy and international relations that prepare them as a global citizen. 


Students immerse themselves in classic and modern plays that deepen their understanding of the culture and become more empathetic. 

Business Development

Students who participate in our business clubs are exposed to a multitude of simulated business activities, such as Dragons Den. They will learn to pitch ideas and market their products in the public, as well as to individuals. Other business oriented activities offered include:

  1.  DECA

  2. Entrepreneurship Club

  3. Toastmasters Club

  4. TEDX

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