To be a part of the competitive community at City High School, students must be willing to work hard and committed to our school programs. Teachers and program leaders will provide the help and support necessary for students to develop strong values and become independent learners. Additionally, we coordinate with and expect parents to support and be a part of their children’s education.

The decision to offer a place to a prospective student candidate is made by the Admissions Committee, which consists of the Principal, the Admissions Department and head teachers of each subject area. Admissions decisions are based on academic evaluations and assessments, English proficiency, past academic records, student interviews, teacher recommendations and past activities and achievements.


To apply, please review the admissions criteria below and complete the online application form to express your interest of being a part of the City High School Family. An admissions officer will reach out to you briefly after your online application has been submitted. Please refer to our admissions brochure and booklet and frequently asked questions below for more information.




 Admission Process











Dates & Deadlines

Regular Stream

Elite Stream

*Late applications and documents will be considered as space allows. Applicants are encouraged to apply early and submit any required documentation well in advance of the set deadlines.



City High School is proud to be able to offer our top students an entrance and graduation scholarships:

University of Toronto Alumni Sponsored Scholarship


This award is sponsored by University of Toronto’s alumni team at City High School, as they hope to award City High School’s most outstanding secondary school students on their admission to undergraduate studies. Recipients must be a current senior student at City High School and has successfully received at least one offer of admission from an Ontario University. Recipient must graduate with a Grade 12 average of 90% or higher and a minimum A grade in his/her engagement grade.

Amount: $ 1,000 CDN

Action: Separate application required (short-answer response/mini-essays)

Deadline: June 11th 2020

City High School Entrance Scholarship 

This award is sponsored by City High School’s Admissions Department, as they hope to award prospective students who could  thrive in a competitive environment and become role models of the school. Recipients must be a prospective student who is applying to City High School and intend to study at City High School if accepted for admissions.

Amount: $1,000 to $3,000 CDN

Action: Separate application required (personal statement with guiding questions) and additional supplementary documents (including past activities and achievements and resume)

Deadline : July 31st, 2020 

To apply for a scholarship , please complete & submit the form below.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does the waiting list work at City High School?

Offers of admissions will be sent to students who have met the entry requirements in accordance with spaces available in student’s prospective grade level. If spaces of the grade level have been filled up, the student will be placed on a waiting list. Priority will be given to student’s who have siblings currently enrolled at City High School.

What are the class sizes at City High School?

The number of students in each class will not exceed 15 students, with a current average class size of 8-10 students. City High School has a 4 to 1 student to staff ratio. We strongly believe that smaller class sizes and low student to staff ratio will optimize students’ quality of education and experience.

How can I get more information & plan a school visit?

For direct contact with a admissions and enrollment representative, please contact admissions@cityhs.ca or call at +1-647-351-6040. The Admissions Team holds information sessions & annual Open houses with upcoming dates. We also welcome prospective students and families interested in City High School to schedule a school tour or book an appointment. If you want to schedule an appointment or a school tour, please visit our ‘Contact Us’ page .

How does the refund policy work?

City High School reserves the right to provide refunds on Tuition Fees only in cases where Study Permit is denied by the Canadian Immigration Authorities. A refund will be issued after the school receives the following documents: - A letter from the student, requesting the refund - Original Letter of Acceptance from City High School -Original Official Receipt of the Tuition Fees issued by the City High School -Original Rejected Letter from Canadian embassy. *Please note that the student or his/her guardian must apply for Tuition Fee or Advance Payment refund up-to three month from the date the Rejected Letter has been issued or up-to six months from the date the Letter of Acceptance has been issued. The Application Fee is non-refundable. For other situations, the Principal of the school will make the appropriate decision.

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