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Mission Statement

Since the establishment, City High School has been dedicated to empowering individual students in both academic and social aspects. We offer comprehensive curriculums and extracurricular programs that prepare our students for their academic pursuit at the college level and the ever changing society. While we value individual differences and resolve to bring out the best in every student by tending their strong suit, we also nurture them into well rounded individuals who adapt to broader social demands.


Our rigorous curriculums provide step-by-step training that build a solid foundation for students to thrive in their future academic pursuit. All our students will follow Ontario Curriculum Courses, accompanied by a language program of their choice, that guarantee the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Not only that we believe in delivering stellar grades and high admission rate, we emphasize work ethic and cultivate our students to be more self-disciplined.


Our extracurricular programs offer opportunities for our students to explore and define their areas of interest. By participating in our programs such as public speaking, students learn to articulate and develop their soft skills, requisite for surviving and thriving at university and workplace. In addition, our programs orient toward various academic focuses, tailored to individual talents and needs.


We accommodate students of all ethnical backgrounds and acknowledge our advantage of diversity as our challenge. In the scheme of our culturally diverse demographic, we improve students’ success and build up their confidence by streamlining their transition to North American culture. While we equip our students with the skills and knowledge that prepare them for their future endeavor, we impart important values such as grits and gumption through osmosis.


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