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Extra Curriculars and Transitional Program

Educational Extra-Curricular Activities


Educational extra-curricular activities supplement a student’s education by providing social, career, and educational opportunities that are found outside of a typical classroom setting. They focus on providing cultural, social, and career experiences to students which normally aren’t found during instruction time during the school day.


Here at City High School, we believe that learning can be taught in many mediums and in many spaces, and we encourage students to seek out outside complementary educational opportunities while completing their studies.


City High School is proud to be able to provide many diverse, social, and educational extra-curricular programs to benefit our students. These programs have been designed specifically to expand and also inspire students’ academic interest while also allowing them to explore and integrate into the outside community.


All educational extra-curricular activities provided by City High School focus on one or more of these principles in which our program is based upon:

  • Mental health, awareness, and acceptance

  • English language learning and confidence

  • Educational, cultural, and career development

Transitional Extra-Curricular Programs


We at City High School understand the difficulties and challenges first year students face, and our transitional program is designed with that in mind. The seminars, workshops, activities, and counselling sessions have been designed to make the transition from high school to college or university easier. Our transitional programs help City High School students get a head of the game, improve their English, relieve some of the stress that comes with making life changing decisions, and help provide a clear educational path to success.


Our transitional programs provide and promote:


  • An easy transition from high school to university

  • Academic and career-oriented seminars and workshops

  • Improve English speaking skills

  • Assist and offer guidance with life changing decisions

  • Provide a clear educational path to success

Program Activities:

Explore Toronto Program (ETP)


Due to the city of Toronto being a center of culture, innovation, and diversity, City High School believes that it is our responsibility to further our students’ educations socially, culturally, and educationally by taking advantage of what the city of Toronto has to offer.


Our Explore Toronto Program (ETP) is an exceptional way for students to explore and experience everything in and around Toronto. The Explore Toronto Program focuses on cultural, academic, and social experiences that students can benefit from outside the classroom.


Located steps away from the Royal Ontario Museum, the University of Toronto St. George Campus, and a few blocks from the Toronto Public Library, Beta Shoe Museum, City High School is in the prime location to utilize all that the city of Toronto has to offer.

Cultural exploration would include:

  1. Ripley’s Aquarium

  2. Medieval times

  3. CN tower     

  4. Queen’s park

  5. Nathan Phillip's Square

Neighborhood visits would include:

  1. Distillery district 

  2. Kensington market 

  3. Chinatown  

  4. The Danforth

  5. Koreatown

  6. Little Italy

  7. St. Lawrence market

  8. Liberty village

  9. Toronto Island

Sports and Cultural trips would include:

  1. Toronto Ballet

  2. Toronto Opera

  3. Toronto Marlies

  4. Toronto FC

  5. Toronto Blue Jays

Museums and historical landmarks would include:

  1. Royal Ontario Museum

  2. Aga Khan

  3. Beta Museum

  4. Casa Loma

  5. Gardiner museum

  6. Art Gallery of Ontario

Educational and informational institutes:

  1. University of Toronto 

  2. Reference library of Toronto

  3. Thomas fisher rare library

  4. Ryerson university

  5. OCAD university

Match Volunteer Program (MVP)


As a requirement of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), students most complete at least 40 hours minimum in community service to be able to graduate. Our Match Volunteer Program (MVP) assists students in finding and connecting with the volunteer activities that will not only fulfill the community service requirement but will also give real world experience in the career area in which they are interested.

Possible community involvement activities include:


  • Animal Shelters

  • Art Gallery of Ontario

  • City of Toronto

  • Habitat for Humanity

  • Luminato Festival

  • Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall

  • Second Harvest

  • St. Steven’s Community House

  • TIFF: Toronto International Film Festival

  • Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

  • Trek for Teens

  • Toronto Zoo

Website: https://torontopubliclibrary.typepad.com/teens/volunteer.html

One-on-One Guidance Sessions


Our one-on-one guidance sessions are an integral part of our Educational Extra-Curricular program. Students will be scheduled to meet with guidance counsellors periodically throughout the year to assess the student’s needs and answer any questions or concerns the student might have. Drop in sessions with the guidance counsellors are also offered and are available throughout the week.


Guidance is an integral part of City High School program. Our guidance services include:

  • Academic, personal, and career counselling

  • Course selection counselling

  • Information about universities and colleges

  • University and college applications

  • Monitoring of student achievement, student educational plans, orientation, and exit programs

Public Speaking / Model United Nations


Speaking with confidence is one of the keys to success. If one can communicate well, one can flourish and succeed anywhere; which is why City High School has partnered up with the University of Toronto’s Public Speaking Club and why we have created our own Model United Nations, to give our students the opportunity to learn valuable public speaking skills and confidence.


With the help of the University of Toronto’s Public Speaking Club, City High School students will gain the opportunity to practice their English and gain confidence in one of the most important skills students will utilize throughout their post-secondary education and beyond. Students will be able to participate in seminars and workshops with the University of Toronto Public Speaking Club where public speaking tips and tricks will be shared and students will be able to practice their speaking with mock debates and presentations.


Our Model United Nations club is used to showcase how far our students have come in terms of public speaking and confidence. Starting in the beginning of the year, students have the opportunity to join Model United Nations and work throughout the year, learning language skills, deductive reasoning, critical thinking, and confidence, up until our showcase where students will present at the Model United Nations Showcase hosted by City High School.

Field Trips

Once a semester, City High School takes its students on a Fall Break or Reading Week trip to allow students a chance to relax and experience a more of Canadian culture and landscape. Our main focus on providing a trip at least once a semester is to allow student the chance to take a break from academic, enjoy a fun experience, and focus on their mental health.


Possible Locations for trips:


  • Niagara Falls: Seeing the Falls

  • Montreal: Museums

  • Ottawa: Parliament

  • Blue Mountain: Skiing

Campus Tours


Campus tours are a great way for perspective students to get a feel for a college or university. City High School believes that it is important for students to feel confident and comfortable in their choices and therefore, City High School helps to arrange campus tours for students who are thinking of pursuing a post-secondary education at the campus of the university or colleges they are considering.


Campus tours allow perspective students to learn about a college or university first hand. Students will be able to ask questions, walk around, and get a real feel for the campus. Visiting campuses means that perspective students will be able to meet current students and professors, see first-hand where they could possibly live, and get a taste of what university life is like.


Universities close by:

  • University of Toronto (St. George, Scarborough, Mississauga campus’)

  • York

  • Ryerson

  • OCAD

  • McMaster

  • Western

  • Brock

  • Waterloo

Campus Club Fair Day


Campus involvement is an important aspect of any university education. By joining clubs, student unions, and societies, students not only meet people and gain life-long friendships, students can gain real world experience that will benefit them once they get into the real world.


The internal question that has plagues students for years is how to get a job if they need experience and education. Do they get an education?Or do they get the experience first? With clubs, societies, and unions students get on hands learning experience while attending school and getting an education.


Many universities and college offer a wide range of activities for students to join, therefore ensuring that each student will find something to get involved in. At City High School, we like to take our students to campus club fair days so that they are able to see the variety of activities but also show them how important getting involved in campus can be for after graduation.

Student to Student Mentorship


Mentorship is a very important aspect to City High School. We believe that helping and creating connections with others will benefit both parties. With our student mentorship program, we pair a current university student with a City High School student to help assist with the transitions from secondary to post-secondary education.


Students will have the opportunity to be paired up with a current university student who will then meet with them a couple times a month to discuss and answer any questions about university: academics, social, mental health, etc. These meetings will continue throughout the City High School student’s first year. Through regular outings and meetings between mentor and mentee, trust and friendship is built upon common interests, personalities, and situation.

Life in the Day Program


Similar to the bring your kid to work day, our life in the day program is designed to give City High School students an up-close and personal look at what life is like in post-secondary school. It allows City High School students to have a stress-free university experience for the day. They go to class with the university student and see what a real university day is like. City High School students will get a chance to explore campus, meet professors, learn about clubs, and learn about campus culture all in a stress free, fun, and safe environment.

Educational and Graduate Seminars and Workshops


City High School’s educational seminars are meant to inform each student of the multitude of options they have before them. Our seminar topics range from academic topics to social and cultural topics. Each seminar is structured to be both informative and relevant to students at City High School.


The educational workshops offered at City High School are meant to give students real world understanding to career and post-secondary school experiences. Some of the following workshops will follow directly after the educational seminar so that students will be able to get hands on experience.


Each seminar will last for approximately 45 minutes with a 15-minute Q and A period and will be led by faculty members and will often have a guest speaker.

Explore Series:

  1. Top 10 things students should do in Toronto

  2. Top 10 things students should do in the winter in Toronto

  3. Top 10 things students should do in the spring in Toronto

  4. Top 10 things students should do in the summer in Toronto

  5. Top 10 things students should do in the fall in Toronto

  6. Community and Volunteering​

Career Series:

  1. How to file taxes

  2. How to build a resume

  3. Interviewing skills 101/ tips and tricks

  4. Internships

  5. Volunteering

  6. Networking

  7. Finding your way around the city

Mental Health and Awareness:

  1. Mental health education

  2. Midterm madness: how to survive

  3. Mental health tips and tricks


  1. Resume building

  2. Mock interviews

  3. Cover letters

University Series:

  1. University requirements

  2. Degree planning

  3. University applications

  4. Scholarships

  5. Internships

  6. Networking

  7. Which university if right for you

  8. How to pick your courses