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Co-curricular Activities

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Our extracurricular program provides students with a plethora of opportunities for learning and skill development. We tailor our workshops and activities to each student’s specific needs, empowering them in the aspects of academic, career, and social skills. 


Students need to choose one from each stream in order to graduate.







Academic Stream 




We invite on staff administrators from OCAD (to be determined) to our campus and give a talk on how to prepare for applying to their various programs. 


Students who intend to apply for art programs at university can sign up for one-on-one tutorials that help them create their portfolios. (Each portfolio is charged for CAD 10,000)



Students who participate in our business clubs are exposed to a multitude of simulated business activities, such as Dragons Den. They will learn to pitch ideas and market their products in the public, as well as to individuals. 



Students who sign up to STEM participate in various competitions that boost their chances in getting into the top-notch programs. 



Language Program


Students learn to make strong arguments, essential for their future success, and develop critical thinking skills. Activities at the debate clubs also raise their awareness for social and global issues and expand their worldviews.

Public Speaking:

Students are exposed to different audiences and gain confidence in front of them. They learn to articulate and make strong arguments under pressure, building their characters and charisma. 



The program of Model United Nations exposes students to simulated global events and groom them for social and political involvement. By taking part in our MUN, students glean and deepen their understanding of diplomacy and international relations that prepare them as a global citizen. 



Students immerse themselves in classic and modern plays that deepen their understanding of the culture and become more empathetic. 



Career Stream:



Our training provides students with a set of skills, necessary for outshining other candidates. Students learn how to market themselves and exude confidence in pressing moments. 


Job Search:

Students are introduced to a variety of search engines and websites that help them access different jobs. They will be equipped with the skills to sieve out information and make targets.  


Building resume:

Students learn how to present themselves as a professional. They are exposed to different approaches to self-introduction that stand out to be outstanding. 




Students learn how to dress to impress. They learn how to make an indelible first impression and mix and mingle out of their comfort zones. 


In addition, current students are connected to CHS alumni by participating in networking events. On our networking nights, we hold panel events and invite successful alumni as our keynote speakers. Students build their social network and a sense of community at CHS. 

Public Speaking
Job Seach
Building resume
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